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Based in Milan, Italy

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October 22, 2015

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Weaving together exploration with poetic storytelling, The Beggar’s Ride is a puzzle platformer like no other.
Follow an old man’s journey to a distant land, where stones as ancient as the first dawn held untold secrets. Try to run and jump to avoid the perils of a crumbling kingdom, then wear an ancient mask to harness the powers of nature and open you way into a strange new world.



  • Experience a story-driven, seamless blend between a platform and a puzzle game.
  • Run, jump and grab to overcome the challenges of a mysterious land.
  • Wear the mask and invoke incredibile divine powers!
  • Solve puzzles and alter the game’s environment using the very forces of nature.
  • Live a poetic story about loneliness, hope and courage.


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About Bad Seed

Bad Seed is an Italian startup built upon the vision of creating innovative, high quality games. Driven by a core team of former Ubisoft developers, the company has released three titles to widespread acclaim. The latest game, The Beggar’s Ride, has been ported to several platforms, including Steam and WiiU. Backed by over four years of experience and by partnerships with leading actors in the gaming industry, Bad Seed is now ready to take a leap forward and engage in the challenge of multiplatform e-Sports with Insidia, a turn based game of hectic battles.

More information
More information on Bad Seed, our logo & relevant media are available here.

The Beggar's Ride Credits

Roberto Mangiafico
Jacopo Musso
Silvio Savino

Clara Parona
Marco Bielli
Game Designers

Luca Baggio
Concepts and 2D Artist

Giacomo Colivicchi
Daniele Angelozzi
Miriam Bonetti
3D Artists

Paolo de Murtas

Tommaso Sanguigni

Filippo Beck Peccoz
Ilenia Tixi
Music and Sound Effects

Mike Skalandunas
Additional Music

Victor Vertunni
Voice Over

Giulia Berro
PR and Marketing

Jacopo Musso
Business and Management

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